Fundamentals Flight Training

Fundamentals Flight Training provides prospective students who are interested in flying for fun or as an Air Transport Pilot working for an airline, with all the necessary training. Our flight school provides part 61 flight training to people pursuing their private certificate, instrument rating, and commercial licenses. Utilizing video and in-person training, we provide both ground school and test preparation to pass your written and practical exams.

We make available training and access to a variety of aircraft. The majority of initial training will be done on the school’s Cessna 150, an over-wing aircraft that is accepted as one of the best training airframes. Our rates vary based on fuel prices, but the operational cost of our Cessna 150 makes our training program affordable and attainable. Please contact us for a discovery flight, or to learn if a career in aviation is a good fit for you.

Thank you so much, and we look forward to flying with you.

Fundamentals Flight Training
Operating at the Erie International Airport

Ground Training Provided at:
2101 Peninsula Drive
Suite 1
Erie, PA 16506