Airport Amenities

Customer Service

Customer service agents and self-service kiosks are co-located in the ticket counter lobby area.  


Presque Isle Bar & Grill

A full restaurant and bar is available to travelers post security.  Terminal visitors can also enjoy restaurant offerings via a touch order screen and delivery window in the terminal lobby.  Hours vary depending upon arrival and departure times.


Baggage Claim

Need help with your bags?

Your personal belongings can be transported to and from the main terminal with ease. Baggage carts are located in the main lobby. Baggage claim is a short distance down the hall, conveniently located next to the car rental area.



Need money before the big trip?

The Erie International Airport provides it's passengers with an Automatic Teller Machine located in the main lobby.


Airline Ticket Counters

The Erie International Airport's Ticket Counters are located near the center of the airport terminal. Staff is happy to assist you with directions, local information and new travel policies.


Internet Hot Spots & Charging Options

Connect wirelessly while you are waiting for your flight or your ride. Velocity Net, a local Internet provider, services the entire airport terminal with free wireless Internet.

Make use of free charging at designated airport seating areas. Pre and post security FuelRod kiosks available to purchase portal charging rods.



 Vending machine available for water located off the main lobby.


Water Bottle Filling Stations

Located in the lobby and main boarding area are water bottle filling stations. In an attempt to provide travelers with drinking water and to cut down on disposable plastic bottle usage, these stations will come in handy.